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Puppy information :
Mrs Antje de la Porte
Hauptstr. 11 a
D-24893 Taarstedt


Puppies born 08.10.2017: 1 black dog available

Camilla May Schulz (Bai Ling Pei's)
Am Eichenhof 17 - 21644 Sauensiek-Wiegersen - Phone: 04169-909022 - [email]

Sire : Hary Ming North Black King, German Champion VDH, German Champion Club, German Junior Champion VDH, German Junior Champion Club,Swiss Club Winner 2016, VDH Bundes Junior Winner 2013, HD B (black - left) Dam : Bai Ling Pei's American Beauty, HD C (black - right)

CCiD     CCiD

Puppies since 15.06.2018: 1 black dog, 2 black bitches

Friedhelm Hentschel (Fasaliri von der Schwalm)
Mühlenweg 8 - 41372 Niederkrüchten - phone: 0172 5219053

Sire : Honiland Zippo, International Beauty Champion, Romanian Champion, Luxembourg Champion, Belgian Champion, German Champion Club, Dutch Champion, German Champion VDH, German Junior Champion VDH, German Junior Champion Club, Dutch Junior Champion, Luxembourg Junior Champion, VDH-Bundes Junior Winner , ACC-Club Junior Winner, German Junior Winner, Benelux Junior Winner, VDH-Junior Winner Leipzig, HD B2, ED 0 (black - left)
Dam : Dashing Dark Ricky The Chinese Fellow, HD C2, ED2 (black - right)

CCiD     CCiD

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