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Summer dog show

10thAugust 2019 in Harmstorf


Judge: Mr. Arne Schwarz (D)


Chow-Chow black/blue


Bitches puppy class


Nr. 53 Bai Ling Pei's Deep Love by Suri, CCiD 2001, born: 06.01.2019

           (Pup Peroni Laska Faina – Bai Ling Pei's Bonny at Mien-Shan)

           Breeder: Camilla May Schulz, owner: Sonja Orlando


           Very promising 1


Bitches intermediate class


Nr. 54 Gao De Xin Morrigan Black Magic, CCiD 1090, born: 16.01.2018

           (Sbi-Wang Yoldas – Monalyn Magic Star Aimée)

            Breeder: Jester Koschinski, owner: Elke Praetze-Sellerberg


            Excellent 1, Anw. German Ch. VDH, CAC, summer winner, BOB


Bitches open class


Nr. 55 Bai Ling Pei's Bonny at Mien-Shan, CCiD 1039, born: 22.10.2016

           (Mian Merlin Shixin von Mien-Shan – Bai Ling Pei's American Beauty)

           Breeder: Ursula Studzinski, owner: Camilla May Schulz




Chow-Chow any other color


Bitches baby class


Nr. 56 Pretty Women Dei Leoni Imperiali, ROI 19/93585, born: 16.03.2019

           (Viking Heart Dei Leoni Imperiali – Rare and Precious Dei Leoni Imperali)

           Breeder: Tizina Campi & Massimiliano Carinelli, owner: Barbara & Richard Green


           Very promising 1


Bitches puppy class


Nr. 57 Gao de Xin Qu'Hachiko, VDH/ACC 23425, born: 30.12.2018

           (Monalyn Magic Star Angelo – Gao den Xin Aschera)

           Breeder: Jester Koschinski, owner: Elke Pratze-Sellerberg


           Promising 2


Nr. 58 Bai Ling Pei's Drama Queen, CCiD 2002, born: 06.01.2019

           (Pup Peroni Laska Faina - Bai Ling Pei's Bonny at Mien-Shan)

           Breeder & owner: Camilla May Schulz


             Very promising 1, best puppy


Bitches intermediate class


Nr. 59 Elizabeth Taylor of the lovely Angelhearts, CCiD 1054, born: 04.09.2017

           (Mian Merlin Shixin von Mien-Shan – Cassiopeia of the lovely Angelhearts)

           Breeder: Nina Studzinski, owner: Antje de la Porte



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